About Group Meetings

Our group will be no larger than 12 women, varying in age and background.


Held Beach-side
Thursday, Saturday & Monday
7:00 7:45 a.m.

Morning Group Meetings

Each morning from 9 to 11 we will gather together in group. (Tuesday is an exception, the morning group will be moved to the evening.)

This time together is intended as a safe and nurturing time for us to share and learn about what is meaningful in our lives and how to enhance our ability to nurture our mind, body and spirit. We will use rituals in the openings and closing of our group meetings, honoring all of the elements that give us life.  

Below is a tentative schedule of our group meetings.  Topics may change or be rearranged per group interest and needs. 


Sharing Our Stories

Our first morning together will be spent getting to know one another. We will have a chance to tell our "life story," how we got from our beginnings to where we are now in our lives. What have been our family history, life events, traumas and blessings that have influenced or hindered our growth? 


Creating Healthy Space in Our Lives

Within our busy lives, we often forget to spend the time to create the ways in which we connect to our center and honor our mind, body and spirit. Where do we currently find fulfillment in our lives? What needs to change? What is blocking us? What new tools can we use that will help us lead more fulfilling and rewarding lives?

This morning we will take some time to answer these questions and investigate some of the tools that help to create healthy space in our lives journaling, the use of nature in healing, rituals, meditation, and investigating how we create a special place within our homes to nurture our spirits.


Introduction to Energy Work

Our bodies are composed of energy meridians and chakra centers that are often overlooked in our healing and caring for ourselves. This morning we will explore this exciting area. Although, the awareness of this area of our bodies may be seen as "new" to some, energy work on chakras and our body's meridians has been around for ages. Eastern medicine, yoga, acupuncture, and acupressure are based on this wisdom.

Nancy will teach us how to access this area in easy, practical and useful exercises to support and enhance our energy and prevent illness and burnout in our lives.


Energy Work Continues - Chakra's Used as a Healing Force in Our Body

The focus on Energy Work will continue today with focus on our Chakra System.  Within our bodies lie these power houses of energy that can hold either negative or positive force and negative or positive beliefs.  Today, we will learn ways to clear and maintain good energy in these powerful areas.


Ancient Art of Hawaiian Culture & Healing

We will have a guest speaker/facilitator this morning. This time will be spent investigating the ancient Hawaiian culture and learn some of the unique ways it honors the whole individual mind, heart, body, & spirit.

Tuesday (Evening Meeting)

Closing Ritual

This morning we will go to the North Shore of Oahu and spend our time visiting this area of the island.  The North Shore is know for it's huge surf, wide sandy beaches, and laid back atmosphere. Sunset Beach is  where national surfing meets are held in the winter. We will also take time to do some shopping in Haliewa where there are quaint little "surf shops" and boutiques (with a Hawaiian flair).

Our normal group morning meeting will be moved to the evening, when we will have our closing ritual after dinner, on the beach in Kailua under a full moon. This will be both a fun and serious time meant for sharing our experiences of the week with each other, saying our goodbyes and having closure with the group.

We will have the time to dance under the moon, so bring drums or instruments (that are small enough to be packed) with you!

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