Help for healing and personal growth

I believe most of us are living purposeful and meaningful lives.

I also know there are times when we reach a place in our lives when we need help solving problems or healing from past and/or present emotional injury and grief.

Past injuries can include a multitude of things including emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse. Some of us have lived and survived through damaging times and dysfunctional relationships as a child or as an adult.  Because of these experiences, we can develop maladaptive behaviors that get in our way of leading healthy lives and having loving relationships.

Sometimes we just need another person to help us clarify goals and keep us on track as we strive toward these goals. For some transition times can be especially difficult; divorce, death of a loved one, or losing a job.  

Professional support to help you heal and grow

I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and specialize in working with individuals and couples. I also provide trauma intervention and education.

I especially enjoy helping women develop their inner strength, courage and sacredness. For women, mid-life issues such as children growing up and leaving home (the empty nest syndrome), menopause and losing one's "youthful beauty" can create an identity crisis. This transition can throw women into chaos and depression.

However, this time in a women’s life when making changes, growing as an individual and reevaluating her path in life can be a very positive endeavor. It can be a time when women grow into the person they were meant to be but have been too busy all their lives to stop and find out who that person is.

Healing in a safe, nurturing environment

My goal as a therapist is to use my professional skills and therapeutic techniques to facilitate healing for my clients in a safe and nurturing environment. My role as a therapist is to assist my clients in making the changes they want in their lives.

I welcome all inquiries about my services and how I might be able to assist you.

You may also take advantage of a complimentary 30-minute consultation (by phone or at my Portland office). See contact information and directions.

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